About us

Moab Marketers is a professional marketing company, founded and operated by David Scott and located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Moab Marketers specializes in Google, Bing and Facebook campaign management, and provides marketingservices for small to large businesses in the US.

Mission Statement

“We provide highly competitive internet marketing campaigns, tailored to your needs, all of which are geared towards helping you maximize your return on investment and giving you access to relevant and easy-to-use reporting information.”

About David

David was privileged to learn from top talent Google campaign managers while obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Brigham Young University – Idaho. His undergraduate program stoked the flames of his lifelong love affair with business and entrepreneurship, which began at age 7 with his fruit selling business in rural Oregon and continues to this day. His schooling at BYU – Idaho led David to pursue a Master’s degree in the world-class Finance program the University of Utah. This graduate program afforded unique insights into the world of business, especially since it was coupled with an opportunity for David to dive headfirst into marketing consulting for a local start-up which has exploded into the market. David knows what it takes for the rubber to hit the road in terms of seeing results. David is passionate about entrepreneurship and helping businesses succeed, and is obsessed with creating streamlined, high-quality campaigns that reach a large audience and connect businesses with the right clients.

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