Steps for Setup: 

1. Complete our new customer form, found HERE.

2. If you already have an Adwords and Bing Account, continue to step 3.  

If you don't already have an Adwords (gmail) or Bing (Microsoft) account, create both. Signup Links here: AdwordsBing. 

3. Grant administrator access to for the Adwords and Bing accounts. (See video from Google below to see how). 

4. Pay your first months invoice.

Google's Video Instructions on how to grant (or remove) access to your Adwords account. Complete the process for Bing Ads as well. 


Optional: Setup Google Analytics and Grant Access to

We can use analytics data to improve our reporting to you, and gain valuable insights on the performance of landing pages and the health of your SEO. 

Here's a great video from White Shark Media on how to setup google analytics.

Talk to your web administrator on how to install the tracking code and add adwords to your analytics data. 

Grant access to your analytics data by going to the analytics "Admin" tab > Click User Management and add users.